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Over 98% of invited members participate in Optimity program.


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40-70% of our members stay active with our mobile apps on a monthly basis.


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Over 60% of users report health improvements via the Optimity health risk assessments.

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What Our Users Are Saying


"I used to get such bad aches at work. My neck would always be killing me by 3pm from looking down at my laptop for the whole day. The app reminds me to do small stretches and other activities at my desk, and it honestly helps with my neck pain and any afternoon fatigue I used to feel. It's good for one's health, and you get points. I also follow the nutrition instructions, and change my diet. Because of Optimity, I have started to buy Avocado and Salmon."


Lydia D.


"Optimity is great. It helps improve yourself on the basis of the scientific principles of "rewarding behaviour" and it has broad range of activities to help us in various aspects of our lives, from sleep, to mood, physical health including weight. The user interface is absolutely beautiful available, also on the web, which comes very handy when you're on the fly. Last, but not the least, is compatible with my watch and a long list of other health monitoring tools."


Waleed A.


"Using Optimity has helped me improve stress management, time management and personal health goals. Easy to setup. User friendly. The activities are short and easy to complete during the work day. Helps increase water intake throughout the day. Reminder notifications to get up and stretch! Pairs with Google Fit to track my steps. After I started using Optimity, I was able to cope with my stressors and become more resilient when things got tough. The micro-activities made it so easy."


Rebecca K.

A Need-to-have Wellness Platform

Optimity offers clarity on ROI of wellness programs. It is a scientific tech-enabled tool for population health management & triaging based on member risk & need. Our mission is to drive better quality of life and longevity with quantitative outcomes