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Optimity is a pocket health coach that rewards you for fostering powerful habits with your community.

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Corporate Wellness Policyholder Engagement

How we help you achieve optimal health

We are uniquely positioned to partner
and scale a brand experience with you.

AI-Driven Gamification

We have an ever changing gamified platform that grows with you as you progress with your life journey

Powerful Micro-exercises

Access the best content and work together on your wellness with your friends, family and others like you

Amazing Rewards

Earn great member benefits and $ for building a better version of you! Trade in your wellness points for amazing rewards.

What You Get

Join the Optimity community

Holistic health support
Track goals & life events
Access 3000+ healthy activities
Sync 100+ wearables & health apps
Earn loyalty points & rewards

Personalized To You

AI-powered recommendations adapted to your life

Personalized to lifestyle & life stage
Gamified experience
Social community
Join group health challenges
Syncs with Calendar

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We Help Insurers

Better living for insurance policyholders

We help insurers build brand loyalty with modern consumers through innovative mobile tools that improve their lives. We provide insights into your customers' preferences, habits, aspirations, and reactions.

Policyholder Engagement

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Experience Optimity, a holistic wellness experience tailored to your specific goals and needs. We'll help you find time to be mindful and build healthy habits!