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Experience the power of Microactivities

Optimity's technology platform is a coach that is powered by scientific micro-habits.

We help your employees take productive 30 second to 2 minute micro-breaks to practice healthy habits that boosts their mood, helps them focus and encourages social connectedness in their work culture. Our micro-activities help them rejuvenate and refocus, and when adopted into your organization, become a powerful tool to achieve any health or wellness goal.

Through our partnerships with researchers, medical professional and forward-thinking organizations, we are continuously adding new content to keep wellness fresh and engaging. Whatever your wellness goals are, Optimity will help you reach them.

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“Optimity is innovating in the field of preventive health care by gathering daily habit data and putting them to use. We apply HRA algorithms to group users and retargeting content to groups.

This is all done in aggregate and with the highest respect paid to privacy.”

Your Pocket Coach

Holistic Health
Optimity provides content that supports mental, physical and emotional health for busy professionals.

We help you build healthy habits by guiding you to take small daily actions weaved into your existing work-life routines.

Stay on track with friend, enjoy team activities with colleagues and keep yourself accountable on your journey.

Unlock reward points for maintaining healthy habits and organize team competitions against your colleagues.

Optimity reward points can be redeemed for gift cards at popular retailers or for HSA contributions.

Admin Control

Claims Insights
Optimity provides historical and ongoing claims analysis to help your organization understand and support your highest cost issues.

Optimity links up with your wearables and apps to provide you with personalized nudges and competitive insights.

Incentives Management
Optimity automatically manages incentives to help you nudge employees for healthy habits sustainably.

Population Analytics
Aggregated population analytics are provided monthly with recommendations to improve your wellness program offering.

ROI Measurement
Optimity provides ROI calculations to ensure you are realizing the benefits from your evidence-based data-driven program.

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Powerful Habits Optimized

Optimity content is always linked to related scientific articles and written for the everyday reader.

We break down big audacious goals into smaller do-able chunks, while our adaptive technology helps to find opportunitistic points in each person's work-life routines to help them practice these healthy habits daily.

Steps Tracking

Optimity links up with your wearables and apps to provides you with personal and competitive insights.

Stress Management

Our personal mobile health app coaches you with minute-long activities that reduce stress, boost your mood and help you focus.

Water Tracking

Keep track of your water consumption and be reminded to stay hydrated regularly.

Level Progression

With a gamified approach, we motivate you to level-up in life. Earn points and progress to better level of health.

Community Involvment

Boost social connectedness by integrating better with your community through team challenges, activity feeds and leaderboards.

Company Announcements

We provide a dedicated space for you to merge your health and work culture in one platform.


Did your parents ever reward you for eating your vegetables or going for a run? No? Well, we do! Earn rewards as you get healthier.

Wearable Integration

We integrate with all your health tracking apps and wearables. Optimity is your platform to view all your health data in one place.


Easily customize Optimity’s program features and content to match your corporate objectives and strategy.

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