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Award-winning digital health coaching platform for best health outcomes and sustained usage

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Built for your modern work-life routines

We provide a personalized, data-driven and holistic wellness platform that is tailored to your specific goals and needs. We help you manage your time to build healthy habits.

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Professional Productivity

Mindful breaks help you be more productive.

Employee Wellness Use Case: Our customers run more initiatives, faster and easier, that is well-coordinated across multiple sites. Optimity's full-service managers support you with cohesive admin functions.


Pain-Free Days

Experience more healthy and active days!

70% of North Americans are using at least 1 prescription drug. We help you stay well and active, so that you experience less health issues and pain every year!


Health Engagement

Your community of supporters for your success!

Research has shown that a strong connection to your peers is one of the biggest factors in your longevity! We bring together like-minded individuals, who cheer for each other's personal and professional growth.

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Leading Employers in their Industry

We deliver great value and results for minimal effort.
Let's build a healthy work culture for your employees together.

“The Optimity platform is effective, because it delivers great value and results for minimal admin effort. At 91% employee engagement, the program picks up more momentum as new habits sets in.”

“The Optimity platform is well aligned with our mission to support employees in their daily work routines. This is our most highly-adopted program at over 80% employee participation!”

“With its ease of use and unique configurability, Optimity provides great support to our holistic workplace wellness program. Our program adoption is 3x higher than the industry average!"

Client Case:

Mid-sized National Consultancy

  • Drug claims costs went from +20.3% YoY change to 7.4% YoY after 6 months of Optimity
  • Reduction of absenteeism
  • $1.80 back for every $1 spent
  • 6x previous year engagement

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Client Case:

National Professional Services Firm

  • 7x previous year engagement
  • Improved employee health during audit season
  • Reduced attrition
  • Promoted culture

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Reduced Health Spend

Rising drug claims and benefits costs?

We keep your employees healthy and pain-free, so they can focus on producing their best work. Get ROI within your 1st year by proactively addressing high-cost issues.

Retain Talent

High attrition and turnover?

Mindfulness and friendly competitions can help your employee continuously do world-class work, be more connected, and feel greater job satisfaction!

Recruit Competitively

Want more visible benefits?

We provide employees with rewards that they love, and help your company culture stand out. We help you increase engagement up to 92% participation through best practices!

Features Designed for your Workplace

  • Holistic Health Pocket Coach
  • Microactivities Tailored by Industry Professionals
  • Centralized Admin Dashboard
  • Customized Activity Schedules
  • Dynamic Risk Calculations
  • Guided Customization
  • Opportunistic Coaching
  • Sustain Engagement
  • See Results & Track Progress
  • Community Participation & Feed
  • Earn Rewards
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